Grandma! You shouldn’t be on a dating site! Part II

So, did you get your date yet? Dating sites must be getting popular. About the same time that I was thinking about writing this blog, the Today Show did a segment on dating sites. Time Magazine also had an interesting piece. You can Google “Time Magazine on line dating” and you’ll find them. If you are thinking about doing this, they are worth your time to read.

I’m writing this article based on my own experience plus comments and conversations from women that I’ve met using dating sites. I play around with my profile to see how the sites actually work in terms of who they “display” for your consideration. It’s all based on how you answer the question when you fill out your profile, who you look at, how long and how frequently you look at them, who you message and other less obvious behind the scenes tracking.

Once you have answered the hundred or more questions, written the verbal text part of your profile and posted your photos, you’ll “go live”. That is you will post your profile for all to see. You’ll be the new kid on the block (some would refer to you as “fresh meat” so expect a lot of attention at first. Women, especially the ones who have taken their time and writing a good profile, get so many responses, they can hardly keep up with them at first. Men; the same thing applies to you. Most importantly remember that being honest is a far better way to go. The interest will taper off after a few weeks, but perhaps you’ll find your ideal mate by then. I go by the adage that you’ve got to kiss 1000 frogs before you find the one that is right for you. (I know you are not looking for a frog okay, it’s just a way of making my point)
I believe I hinted at this in Part I, but for seniors, look for dating sites that cater to our age group or set up your search parameters to reflect the ages you are looking for.

A word to the wise (for the Ladies)

Ladies; always meet in a public place if you find someone interesting but only after you’ve talked to this prince charming on the phone and have had a few email exchanges. Let a close friend or relative know where you are going, that you have never met this person before and the name of the person you are going to meet. Usually each person gives a description of the vehicle they are driving. Pass that information along to your close friend also. While it may seem a bit bizarre, don’t be shy. Ask for some form of identification. Personally, I have nothing to hide so I flip out my driver’s license as the drinks are served. If a drivers license is displayed, make a mental note of the date of birth (DOB) and address. Go home once the date is over and Google the name and associated DOB and the address. In other words, do your homework before you start to get too involved.

Change it up

Just like your Facebook photo’s; change up your dating photo’s and yes, even your written profile once and awhile. People get tired of seeing the same thing for months.

That’s about it for this blog. I wish you luck. Be safe!

David Winslow

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I'm a life long member of the greater Bangor Community. My journey includes 26 years in the USAF, retiring in 1994. I am a graduate of Husson University (class of '73') where I obtained a four year degree in Business Administration. I've been a caregiver for my mother, worked in law enforcement, private security, volunteered in the community and now have a small computer repair business. I live in Brewer with my two dogs, Zoe and Dani.