An appology

I have not posted in probably two months and I do apologize. Health problems for both myself, a close friend and now my dog got in the way. I still fix computers and enjoy writing about them but with recent events I’ve found that keeping my BDN blog current was just too much. I have discussed a new idea with Pattie, the coordinator of the blogs, and she thought it was a good one. It will require a little less time on my part, yet tell an interesting story about adjusting to life as a caregiver of my little dog Zoe who is now paralyzed. Look an announcement in the next few weeks about it.

For those who read my blog, thank you. You can still contact me if you have computer questions. I’ll be glad to help.

Dave Winslow

David Winslow

About David Winslow

I'm a life long member of the greater Bangor Community. My journey includes 26 years in the USAF, retiring in 1994. I am a graduate of Husson University (class of '73') where I obtained a four year degree in Business Administration. I've been a caregiver for my mother, worked in law enforcement, private security, volunteered in the community and now have a small computer repair business. I live in Brewer with my two dogs, Zoe and Dani.