An appology

I have not posted in probably two months and I do apologize. Health problems for both myself, a close friend and now my dog got in the way. I still fix computers and enjoy writing about them but with recent events I’ve found that keeping my BDN blog current was just too much. I have […]

Don’t Trust Anyone

Okay, trust but verify is perhaps a better way to say it. So what am I talking about here? This is a true story about one of my senior customers. I’ll refer to her as Ms. Smith. She is 70 years old and lives alone. She does not have much money like many seniors these […]

PC Maintenance vs Car Maintenance

Your automobile Let’s talk about your vehicle first. Most of us stick to some sort of planned routine maintenance for our cars don’t we? We change the oil; rotate and balance the tires; have our tires checked for safety. We do that because most of us know if we don’t, bad things can happen. Try […]