Using a computer may actually reduce those “Senior Moments”

Dave Winslow

Dave Winslow

Why write a blog about Senior Moments in the Computer World you ask? My interest in technology actually started in 1966; the year after I graduated from high school. I had joined the USAF and my “job” was called a Communications Center Operator. Actually back then we used teletype machines. If you are around my age you will remember seeing them on TV perhaps. They were a fancy typewriter really with vacuumed tubes, a keyboard, keys that printed out what you typed and a big spool of ticker tape or 5 baud teletype tape was another term used to describe it. The military had a network of them so messages could be sent and received all over the world in a very short time. Al Gore had nothing to do with it by the way!

I can remember being station on the island of Guam for 18 months, and carrying on an “instant message” conversation with another operator in Hawaii or one in the Philippines. I found it amazing that this was possible!

Over time,  the technology evolved in the career field to using computers as opposed to teletype machines.  I witnessed  the whole transformation during my 26 year military career.

After retiring in 1994,  I did some volunteer work at a local senior center where I helped members in the computer lab. I also taught adult education classes after I moved to Skowhegan which  revolved  around various computer subjects. I witnessed people older than I was at the time getting  excited about this new technology and the fact that they could learn how to master it.    I used my VA education benefits to learn more about computers and become a certified computer technician. The classes that I took, made me a better teacher and a better technician. Since 2003 I have helped many people with their computer problems. The majority of them were what our society terms as “seniors”.  I prefer the term “seasoned”  citizens but perhaps because I’ll be 67 next month.  I  think the reason why they come to me is that I’m one of “them”.. a senior. I don’t try to bury them with technical talk and  using terms that they don’t understand. I take my time to explain  what is wrong with their computer and why it happened.  Sometimes it’s more tricky when the person using the computer causes the problem, but I have found ways to handle that.

I want to use this Blog to provide helpful information to everyone.  Hopefully my followers will learn a little more about computers but my focus is on helping seniors stay engaged in life and in learning.  Computers are the idea tool to make that happen, but of course they have to work don’t they?  I also want to encourage computer use by seniors who might think they are too old to have one,  or cannot think of a reason to make the purchase. It’s been proven that lifelong learning and  keeping the brain active will reduce the number of those “senior moments” that seem to creep up on many of us.

I will encourage my readers to ask me questions and I’ll answer those questions using my blog. Fortunately, the Bangor Daily News allows you to print the blogs for reference or refer back to them using their search function on line. That way you won’t be asking your spouse “now where did I put that last blog about Senior Moments in the Computer world”,  and you won’t have to say “sorry, I was having another  senior moment dear!”.

David Winslow

About David Winslow

I'm a life long member of the greater Bangor Community. My journey includes 26 years in the USAF, retiring in 1994. I am a graduate of Husson University (class of '73') where I obtained a four year degree in Business Administration. I've been a caregiver for my mother, worked in law enforcement, private security, volunteered in the community and now have a small computer repair business. I live in Brewer with my two dogs, Zoe and Dani.